3 thoughts on “What NOT to Do at a Dogpark

  1. OMG, I’m so happy to see an article like this. Now if only the idiots where I take my dog would read it! Maybe I should print it out and make copies for them. Most of the people there are super-cool, but there are some people there that are either dense or oblivious to what their dog does, or maybe it’s some combination of both! Curses on them!


    • I must say, dog parks are often just as much socialization time for owners who can sometimes get caught up and engaged in the days news, themselves, or fun dialogue. Not an excuse, but an observation, but a gentle nudge generally works.


  2. My experience at dog parks has been good and bad. Lots of people talking on their phones while their dog attacks other dogs or poops everywhere with no one picking it up. but I’ve also met some people at dog parks who are still friends of mine years later.


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