milo rex????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????RUN&PLAY. . . . offers  YOUR DOG  care  geared towards providing it with social interaction with other dogs.  We believe that pack animals like dogs are happiest while being part of a fun and healthy pack in and outside of their homes.

Therefore, we answer the need for dogs to be active and engaged. Our goal is simple: provide dogs with fun and socialization.  This is done by allowing them to be with other dogs.  Originally, when we first opened our doors, we engaged in more off leash time; however, due to enhanced and enforced leash laws, we are unable to do this until nearby official dog parks open.

So, if you find yourself caught up in this busy world with not a lot of time to get your dog out, let our staff find compatible playmates for your dog to socialize and walk with.

We realize; however, some dogs just want to walk, love and be loved without other dogs around.  For those dogs who require more personal attention, we also offer individual walks.  Additionally, for those house or crate training, we offer inexpensive quick bio breaks.   Let us give you and your dog the consistent and reliable service you both need!    In-home overnight care is also available, but contingent on compatibility and capacity is limited.   

RUN&PLAY is insured and bonded.


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