Why Choose Us


There are many pet care companies out there, and even more individuals who are offering such services.  You could certainly hire the least expensive hobby walker, or a student home for a summer, but why waste time juggling all that — and know that cheaper fees in this business don’t last long as they are not sustainable for individuals or to keep quality staff.  Besides that, here are a few other good reasons to consider us:

 1).   PERSONALIZED SERVICE:  You will have one assigned walker for your pet, and Jennifer, the owner, serves as your other trusted backup.  In the event of any longer term changes, you will adequate time and the option to meet your new walker.

2).  SIMPLE SCHEDULING:  We utilize professional petsitting software  that enables ease of scheduling for you, GPS check in/out for our walkers, and automatic billing.  All this and more straight from your phone or computer, making all aspects of our service a breeze for you.

3).   We hold membership with Pit Sitters International and Jennifer has received certification through them.  We are licensed and bonded, prompt and reliable.

4).  We cater to the downtown Silver Spring area to ensure regularity and promptness.


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