It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week

  March 5-11, 2017 is Professional Pet Sitters Week. What does that mean(?) – yep just another made up holiday. But, in the industry, its an acknowledgement for our efforts. In our commitment and service to you, we are utilizing its inverse and giving back to the pups we love and care for all year […]
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March is Pet Poison Awareness Month

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month.   There are many potentially harmful items that exist in our homes that we may not realize could be harmful to our pets.  Based on call volume, the Pet Poison Helpline reports these as the top 10 most common toxins: Chocolate Mouse and Rat Poisons (rodenticides) Vitamins and Minerals […]
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Pet Tech 2016

Tech products for pets, commonly referred to as “pet wearables,”  just keep coming!   Check out new and updated versions of pet fit trackers, GPS locators, and remote cameras.  You can track your dogs activities and calories as easy as your own.  My favorite – The Motorala Scout 5000 monitor – now that is cool!

Stella & Chewy Recall for possible Listeria Monocytogenes

I personally am a huge fan of Stella & Chewy’s and so are my dogs.  I did however feel it worthwhile to share info on their June 2015 recall which appears to have stemmed from one bag to date uncovered during a routine FDA  surveillance testing.

Baby, it’s freezing outside! Winter tips for your pooch.

I  started to post this Sunday when it was 65 degrees with the tag —  “Baby, it’s almost cold outside.”  Here we are 4 days later with ice and snow all over which delayed walks Tuesday, mainly due to traffic and irritated paws.   As you know, salt can highly irritate a dogs paws, and cold temperatures can dry them out.  […]
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2015 – A Time for Treats

Many of you asked about the goodies included in your holiday gift baskets.  Those were beef trachea!  As I keep telling people, no part of the animal is wasted.  “Bully Sticks” are a common item these days at any pet supply shop or store, but they can be costly.  If you know me, I am a […]
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Cooling Off – the Cold Hard Facts

Summer is almost over, and this subject was one of my more recent summer procrastinations.  Given we still  have some dog days left, and fueled by a recent discussion with a client whose dogs we have to beg to drink, I’m finally sitting down. During these 80+ degree days, most dogs don’t need more than 20-30 […]
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Homebuying with Dog Amenities in Mind

It happens – you come in from your walk with your sweet sweet pumpkin who wasn’t so sweet.  Maybe they ecstatically rolled in horse manure, cooled off in brackish water, or depending on where you live, got skunked.  You two tromp thru the living room, and on up, down or over to the bathroom where with all your […]
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Benadryl – Dog sitter’s best friend?

I thought this afternoon’s walk would be the perfect excursion, cool day, and enjoying a nice stroll with Jules, Seth, London, Milo, Roxy, Mac, Jimmy, & Tiggy, but that suddenly turned to almost panic. Little Mac was stung on the back and paw by a still present bald faced hornet. For any of those visiting […]
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August Boarding Is Filling Up Fast

Just a heads-up that if you want to board your dog with us at our house any time in August, those spaces are filling up very quickly. August is a big month for people to vacation, but, darn it all, our house is only so big. We’ve still got plenty of open spots on the […]
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