The stroll  is a brisk 25 minute walk in your neighborhood.  Dogs are walked individually or a maximum of 3 at time.

$18 for 25 minute walk  +$5 additional pet  M-F

$20 for 25 minute walk  +$5 additional pet  S&S


Running late,  crate training?  The Pitstop provides a quick bio break to relieve your pooch.

$13 for 15 minutes + $4 additional pet M-F

$15 for 15 minutes + $4 additional pet S&S


Group play date.  Dogs are taken to a local dog park or other secured and fenced area to run and play.

$23 for 25 minutes + 5 additional pet (only offered M-F)


Off on a business trip or weekend, going on vacation, or  need some respite?   Let us keep your pup free from harm and settled in with the pack in our home.  Price includes care and three 15 minute back yard playtime sessions.  We can pick up and drop for a fee of $10 within 5 miles

$45 /night + $20 each additional pet – daily fee.



We will no longer offer dog walking services during class when the 2016 spring/summer season begins.    However,  yogis can still enjoy outdoor yoga offered by Yoga Unleashed MD.  Follow them on facebook.



Payment:   Payment can be made  cash, check or PayPal.  We charge a  $35 bounced check fee.

Clean ups:  We know accidents happen; however, in the event of extensive cleanups during our visits, we charge $10 per 15 minute increment.


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