Who we are


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the owner, is a master’s level licensed graduate social worker who has always had a passion for dogs.  From her infancy, she loved animals and her family always owned dogs.  She had always wanted to become a veterinarian but knew she couldn’t withstand the blood, guts, and science.  She has fostered and rescued multiple dogs, and served as a den mother housing dogs from her local dog park.   As a geriatric social worker, she discovered the powerful influence pets could have on the elderly and the lack of pets available to them at local nursing homes.  Through RUN&PLAY, she continues to surround herself with animals and plans to continue her work within these two groups to exercise her passion for animals and satisfy her desire for helping others.   She will be keeping an eye out for dogs that would make great therapy dogs and may approach you on how your pooch can help.  Her commitment is to provide your dogs with exercise, love, and enjoyment.



Jennifer is the proud owner of a Great Dane and a Jack-Chi.


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